Snap-fit. Safe. Reliable.

Group 27 Battery Modules for your Power Supply Range.

Long Range Battery.

Low cost Lead Acid battery replacement to feed your New-age devices. Our batteries are set to substantially reduce operating costs for you and the total cost of ownership. precisely develops the battery which require less charging time and best in industry self discharge rate.

Group 27 Battery Modules

LiB27LV-12V-100Ah Module

Lithium iron phosphate battery
4S42P Cell Configuration – 21700
Nominal Battery Voltage: 12.8 V
Charge Voltage Max: 14.4V
Energy: 1.3kWh

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Applications Powered

Market Applications

Lithium Batteries for Scooter

Lithium Batteries for E-bike

Lithium Batteries for Cars

Lithium Batteries for RV

Lithium Batteries for Trucks

Lithium Batteries for Tools

Snap-fit. Safe. Reliable

Reduce ownership cost by nearly 50% than other lithium products across market. Snap-fit and Compact Design which is light weight, but on other side densely powered. Safe and Reliable batteries are highly safe & reliable compared to other market alternatives. battery modules maintains a strong record of low discharge compared to peers.


Battery Voltage


Module Capacity


Module Cell Configuration

21700 LFP

Powering Cell


Max. Continuous Charge

18 Kg ~ (18100gms.)

Weight in Kg.

Energy V/S Cost
Our Modules are designed to deliver twice the power at high C-rate while maintaining high energy capacity at effective cost.
Storage/Shelf Life of Modules

Storage life comes with low-self discharge where modules last nearly 2 to 5 times longer in comparison to lead acid battery.

Environment Friendly

Our batteries are safe for environment where the are lead free and consists of no hazardous
material content.

Durability. Power. Performance

Lightweight Lithium-ion batteries with high power and low maintenance cost are a perfect replacement for lead-acid batteries to boost your revenue. Dramatically reduce the weight of products and increase the density of batteries.'s battery chemistry is powered in a manner that extreme conditions do not affect battery.
Fast Charge Compatible

Powering the fast charge batteries to last longer than others on a single charge.

Low Discharge maintains a strong record of low discharge compared to other products.

Custom Solutions

Light Weight and custom-developed for New-Gen Lithium Battery Products.


Developed in a manner that they are more economical and greener.

Modern Engineering In-Action

Next Gen Technology for New-age Products.

More Capacity with fluent flow making new age devices work with zero downtime. Moreover, our batteries are designed in a manner that there’s a less self discharge rate. modules are crafted to survive extreme temp. with less degradation in quality compared to others.

Superior abuse tolerance when compared to lead acid and other lithium ion batteries. Highly stable chemistry to protect your devices.


Batteries are internally monitored by Battery Management System for better life of modules and reduce cost of ownership.

With our Engineering team in Germany our batteries are crafted in a manner that they require less maintenance compared to peers.

Module Technical Data

Basic Info.


Cell Technology


Module Voltage


Charge Voltage Max.

100 Ah



Energy in kWh


Max. Continuous Load Current

400A for 30 sec.

Max. Peak Load (Pulse)


Max. Cont. Energy Output

5kW Pulse

Max. Peak Energy 10sec


Max. Charging Current

typ. 5mΩ

Pack ESR


BMS Max. System Voltage


> 4000

80% DoD 0.5C/0.5C


100% DoD 0.5C/0.5C


-20º up to 60ºC

Operating Temp Discharging

0º up to 55ºC

Operating Temp Charging



UL Certifications

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CE Certifications

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UN38.3 Certification


1 Year

Product Warranty

ISO Certifications

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Isolation Class

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