Enabling the Future of

Urban E-Mobility

E-scooters, e-motorbikes and quadricycles; which includes devices that possess a range of >75 miles and a rated power of >3.6-7.2kW, has seen a compound annual growth rate (CGAR) of 6% during the COVID-19 pandemic; commanding an estimated global market value of $18.6 billion as of 2019 &further projected values of $41.98 by 2030, increasing with a CGAR of 7.7.% between 2020 and will continue to increase to a global value of $644.5 billion by 2028.

Wide Market Reach

Premium and Bespoke UPS Solutions

We recognised this surge in the market and have responded by offering battery solutions with the ability to power all platforms of e-mobility, crafted by our team of engineers based in our in-house Centre of Excellence and duty-free manufacturing from our partner in the Philippines we can create bespoke solutions for small scale domestic appliances to e-motorcycles across all power and charge requirements, in a cleaner, greener alternative to existing chemistries with snap-fit functionality.


Range of Applications

Our total solutions are designed by our in-house team; located within our Center of Excellence, who will support your project from the initial design phase; during which our team will create a solution based on your requirements, specification and industrial application; efficient transfer to mass production, as well as certification and testing.


Safe & Stable Chemistry

We understand that safety is paramount within e-mobility, especially when regarding urban e-mobility, and so our total battery solutions feature sector-leading smart BMS systems with AI and voltage balancing capabilities. Another way we achieve safety is through the sourcing of grade-1 lithium. from our ethical supply chain.

Advacned Functionality

Crafted to Meet the Challenges of E-Mobility

Due to the plug and play functionality, multiple form factors and full customisability, our solutions can be utilised within a range of e-mobility applications, including quadricycles, electric scooters, and larger motorised forms of e-mobility; e-motorcycles, light electric vehicles (EV), motorised e-scooters.
With our smart BMS system, businesses and domestic consumers view both the state of charge and health of charge of an e-mobility fleet or individual e-mobility devices/ vehicles.

Next Generation Solutions to Power Light E-Mobility

As a whole solution provider, LiB.energy can craft bespoke solutions to meet your requirements and the demands of the growing marine market, as well as aid in the resolution of a range of critical issues surrounding the sector going beyond phasing out both lead acid-based chemistries currently utilised within conventional marine vessels and aquaculture power systems; including reductions in marine acoustic pollution, a vital issue posed within the marine environment.

Enabling Greater Mobility

Step Into the Future
of Urban E-mobility

Hipster businessman commuter setting up electric bicycle when traveling home from work in city.
Flexible Form Factors
Our team can craft solutions based on your requirements to suit a range of form factors.
High Powered and Green
Powered by lithium-ion chemistry our solutions are powerful & have a reduced colbolt content.
smiling fit sporty woman cycling her electric mountain bike high up in mountains on sunny autumn day with white clouds
Resistant to Climactic Extremes
Our solutions are optimised by our center of excellence to opperate in extreme conditions.
SOC and SOH Monitoring
Suited for use in e-mobility devices, our advanced BMS allows for wireless monitoring.
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